Friday, October 28, 2016

Belmont and the Dragon: The Forest of Doom and Gloom

By Mike Zarb and Robin Gold
Intermediate, 48 pages.
Random House Australia, 2008. 

Belmont is a young orphan living in Old York, the best city in the world. Everyday he watches the king's knights ride across the drawbridge to accompany Princess Libby on her daily ride in Centaur Park. Belmont dreams of being a knight, but all the other children laugh and point out that Belmont is hardly knight material... or knight height. With taunts ringing in his ears, Belmont uses a tree to jump the orphanage fence. He dashes through Once Upon a Times Square and into the Forest of Doom and Gloom. Once in the forest, Belmont meets a dragon who isn't really into eating people. Together, in the most unlikely way, they will save Princess Libby who's been captured by the evil pink pixies. 

This is a fun little read and reminds me of the Princess in Black series. 

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