Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Line Tender

The Line Tender
Kate Allen
Dutton Children’s Books, 2019. Fiction, pp. 371

Twelve year old Lucy is no stranger to sadness. In the years following her marine biologist mother’s death, she deals with another tragedy that sets in motion a course of events that unfold on the pages of “The Line Tender.” Unlike her mother, Lucy is not a scientist—she’s an artist. And yet she finds an irresistible pull to learn more about her mother’s unfinished research into shark habits. Through the pages of this book, Lucy finds comfort and solace in her community, learns more about her mother and what drove her to do her research, and comes to terms with growing up.

“The Line Tender” is a moving and emotional portrayal of the strange stage between being a kid and being a teenager, with a healthy dose of marine life. Lucy’s confusion about the different events in her life signals a shift from being little to being grown—a shift that everyone seems to understand besides her. But her dance on the precipice of her childhood is balanced with her unyielding enthusiasm to her mother’s work, and to understanding the woman she doesn’t really remember, but who she wishes was still here. To add to the beautiful story, chapters are delineated with lovely drawings of sharks.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Anya and the Dragon

Anya and the Dragon
By Sofiya Pasternack
Interior Illustrations by CelesteKnudsen
Versify, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019. 394 p.

In this alternate 19th Century (in a Russia-like country) Anya has a hard life. Her dad has been sent off to war and her family is struggling. Her paternal grandfather has her help with the goats (he has an animal magic) while her maternal grandmother and mother have her help with weeding the onion patch (they have plant magic). Many in the town don’t necessarily trust Anya’s family (due to their family being the only Jewish family in the community) and when her home is threatened Anya desperately wants her magic to manifest so that she can help. Things get more complicated when a family of Fools (sent from the Tsar) and a Viking come to the area to look for a dragon. Anya is promised a great reward if she helps find the dragon—only she wonders if it is right to help kill the dragon to save her family. This is a brilliant book that deals with big topics such as family, struggles, religious persecutions, right vs. wrong, and growing up all with a magical twist (and a dragon!). Young readers who want some adventure that isn’t gory or violent and want to see value in a young girl and how she can make a difference in the world will enjoy reading this delightful tale.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

From Story Time: The Letter "E"

Read in Monday Book Babies

By Delphine Chedru
Thames & Hudson, 2018.  Picture Book.

Young readers count and blow air kisses to their friends, pets, grandparents, and more with this delightfully interactive book. Following a classic counting technique until readers reach the number ten, the book then takes wild jumps up to 17, 64, 823, and finally “millions,” prompting a riotous explosion of kisses from the reader. By encouraging the child to physically interact with the book, reading becomes a game that celebrates all the things a child loves in life. Illustrated in color throughout.  --Publisher

Read in Monday Cuentos

Érase una vez un espacio
Por Marta Carrasco
Editorial Amanuta, 2016.  Spanish Picture Book.

El señor Azul y el señor Amarillo delimitan cada uno su espacio y se miran con desconfianza. Así comienzan sus desavenecias y conflictos hasta que aparecen su hijos quienes cambiarán el rumbo de la historia.  --Publisher

Read in Toddler Time

The Thingamabob
By Il Sung Na
Alfred A. Knopf, 2008.  Picture Book.

One day, he found the thingamabob. He had no idea what it was or where it came from. . . .  So begins the story of a curious elephant and a mysterious red object. But what is it?! When none of his friends can tell him, the little elephant decides to experiment. He thinks: Maybe I can fly with it? (Maybe not.) Maybe I can sail in it? (Maybe not.) Maybe I can hide behind it? (Maybe not.) Nothing seems to work, until big drops of rain begin to fall. The little elephant does not want to get wet. Luckily, with the thingamabob (an umbrella), he does not need to get wet!

With bright, adorable illustrations and a simple, playful text, Il Sung Na captures the excitement of making—and sharing—an unexpected discovery.  --Publisher

Read in Preschool Time

Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise
By David Ezra Stein
Candlewick Press, 2018.  Picture Book.

It's after school for the little red chicken, and she has just learned something new: every story has an elephant of surprise.  Or is it, as her papa explains, an element of surprise?  As they dive into story after story, looking for the part that makes you go, "Whoa!  I didn't know that was going to happen," Papa is sure he can convince Chicken he's right.  After all, there are definitely no elephants in The Ugly Duckling, Rapunzel, or The Little Mermaid....Or are there?

The little red chicken and her papa are back in this gleeful and hilarious follow-up to the Caldecott Honor-winning picture book Interrupting Chicken.  --Publisher

Read in Preschool Time

Written by Brenda Maier
Illustrated by Zoe Waring
Aladdin, 2019.  Picture Book.

Peep peep! Mama and Papa can’t wait for their new little chicks to arrive.  With a quiver, a shiver, a crackle, and a peep!  Two of the chicks hatch!  But the third egg? It’s in no hurry to get cracking.  With the help of his siblings and his mama’s love, will this little chick find its way out into his big, new world?  --Publisher

Read in Friday Book Babies

John James Audubon Painted Birds
Written by Kate Coombs
Illustrated by Seth Lucas
Gibbs Smith, 2019.  Small Picture Book.

Introduce your baby to the stunning artwork of famous naturalist John James Audubon. John James Audubon was an ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He is known for his stunning illustrations and paintings of North American birds in their natural habitats, painting over 700 species discovering 25 new kinds of birds during his lifetime. John James Audubon Painted Birds shares his legacy and his love of nature with budding bird-watchers through a clever poem and gorgeous illustrations. As Audubon said, “the world is not given by [our] fathers, but borrowed from [our] children.”  --Publisher

Read in Friday Cuentos

El baño de Carlota
Por Lucía Serrano
Grupo Anaya, 2015.  Spanish Small Picture Book.

Es la hora del baño y Carlota no quiere ni oír hablar del asunto. Así que se esconde por todos lados para que no la encuentren. ¿Logrará librarse del agua?  --Publisher

Friday, October 11, 2019

How to Survive on a Desert Island: Operation Robinson

Image result for how to survive on a desert island operation robinson
How to Survive on a Desert Island: Operation Robinson
By Denis Tribaudeau
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2019. Informational.

If you are looking to prepare your child for survival - or maybe just camping - this is the perfect interactive book to pick up. The premise is that they should practice survival skills in a safe environment before ever being in a dangerous situation. Throughout the book, it asks your child to practice things (like lighting fires) in the presence of an adult, but be sure to remind them of that as well if they are wanting to go through it by themselves. It has tips that might be news to adults as well, so it is a great book to read together.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Moon

The Moon
Written by Hanna Pang, Illustrated by Thomas Hegbrook
Wilton, CT: 360 Degrees, an imprint of Tiger Tales, 2019. 175 pg.

Humans have always been fascinated with the moon. This big, bright presence in our lives is constant and intriguing. This informational book discusses scientific findings as well as folklore from many cultures that has been passed on throughout history. Read it to learn all about the race to the moon and the first man who landed on it. Investigate the interesting theories that connect the phases of the moon with human and animal wild behavior. Discover the myths that surround the history of the moon and decide for yourself which are true. With beautiful illustrations and every fact you could possibly want to know about our moon, this book will be just as entertaining as it is informative.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Display: Get Caught Reading

The Very Busy Spider
By Eric Carle

The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web, but she persists and produces a thing of both beauty and usefulness. The pictures may be felt as well as seen.

Silk & Venom: Searching for a Dangerous Spider
By Kathryn Lasky

Readers are invited to join a researcher on a passionate hunt for Loxosceles taino, a dangerous recluse spider, captured in the engaging prose and stunning photos of a masterful team.

Stronger than Steel: Spider Silk DNA and the Quest for Better Bulletproof Vests, Sutures and Parachute Rope
By Bridget Heos
Photographs by Andy Comins

In The Spider Silk Scientists, readers enter Randy Lewis' lab where they come face to face with golden orb weaver spiders and genetically engineered goats, whose milk contains the proteins to spin silk -- and to weave a nearly indestructible fiber. Learn how this amazing material might someday be used to repair or replace human ligaments and bones, improve body armor, strengthen parachute rope, and even tether an airplane to an aircraft carrier! Readers explore rapid advancements in the application of genetic medicine and their potential to save and improve lives while considering the crucial ethical concerns of genetic research. A timely addition to the acclaimed Scientists in the Field series.

The Spider
By Elise Gravel

Part of a series of hilarious nonfiction about disgusting creatures, this book looks at the spider. It covers such topics as the spider's habitats (pretty much everywhere but outer space), the silk it spins (it can trap prey and makes a nifty bowtie), and its parenting practice (female spiders carry around their eggs in a silk purse).

Anansi: The Talking Spider and Other Legendary Creatures of Africa
By Craig Boutland

African culture, like many others around the world, is rich with tales of legendary animals and creatures. Readers of this captivating book will love learning about these fascinating stories, from that of Anansi, a cunning spider, to that of Grootslang, a creepy, cave-dwelling creature said to live in South Africa. The engaging stories are accompanied by colorful images and illuminating sidebars. Readers are taught to understand the meaning of legends but are also presented with information regarding the cultures these tales come from.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Jack blasts off!

By: Mac Barnett
Illustrated by: Greg Pizzoli
New York : Viking, 2019. Easy Reader.

This second book in the Jack series written by author Mac Barnett is about a naughty rabbit, a playful dog, and a grouchy old lady.  When the lady gets mad at Jack she puts him on a rocket and sends him into outer space. While Jack and his dog Rex are on the moon they participate in an alien chase, have a snack and then decide to head back home after causing a few problems in space. 

If you have a beginning reader who loves space adventures and rockets they will enjoy this silly series about Jack, the mischievous rabbit. A perfect book for early readers who are starting to read on their own. Simple sentences and bright illustrations as well as some silly humor are what make this book one that beginning readers will enjoy.  Pick up a copy and orbit to the moon with this new book, Blast off with Jack.

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Cutest Thing Ever

The Cutest Thing Ever 
By Amy Ignatow
Illustrated by Hsinping Pan

Abrams Appleseed, 2019. Picture Book In this book an adorable bat-like creature asks readers if they want to see the cutest thing ever. Then all sorts of things are shown from cute monsters to kittens and unicorns. There is a plethora of all things lovable…yet the creature isn’t convinced that the reader things what is being shown is the “cutest thing ever” until the very end…when a mirror shows the reader their own face. This is one sweet book with all the illustrations of creatures having large eyes and friendly colors and rounded corners. Little ones that enjoy seeing themselves and their “cute” place in the world will enjoy this new picture book.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

From Story Time: The Letter "D:

Read in Monday Book Babies

By Jared Chapman
Abrams Appleseed, 2017.  Picture Book.

Have you ever seen a banana in a bikini? Or a tangerine in trunks? What about grapes in goggles? In this uproarious follow-up to Vegetables in Underwear, kids will learn that there are many kinds of suits - including suits for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and scuba diving. But can you wear a business suit to the beach? Fruits in Suits has the same irreverent silliness as Vegetables in Underwear and shows just how much fun swimsuits can be - and how important it is to hold on to them when you jump into the water!  --Publisher

Read in Monday Cuentos

Adoptar un dinosaurio
Escrito por José Carlos Andrés
Ilustrado por Ana Sanfelippo
NubeOcho, 2018.  Spanish Picture Book.

Ale quiere una mascota: un perro, un gato, una gallina, un elefante... Pero sus padres NO quieren animales en casa. Un día la niña se encuentra un huevo gigante en el parque y se lo lleva a casa, lo cuida y lo mima. Cuando el huevo se rompe…  --Publisher

Read in Toddler Time

Shorty & Clem
By Michael Slack
Harper, 2017.  Picture Book.

Meet Shorty & Clem! Shorty is a really short dinosaur. A shortysaurus, to be exact. Clem is a blue quail. A quail is some kind of bird.

While Clem is out, a package arrives at the door with his name on it. Shorty gets super excited and finds the box irresistible. What’s inside? A race car…trampoline…bongos…monkeys? He REALLY wants to open it but, he knows that it’s Clem’s. Should he open the box? Of course not! Instead, he jumps on it like a trampoline—THUMP!—and bangs on it like a drum—BOOM BADA BOOM!—until he finally opens it. That’s when Clem comes home. Shorty is sure he’s done something terrible, but Clem proves to him that best friends are the best surprises of all! 

Read in Preschool Time

Crunch the Shy Dinosaur
Written by Cirocco Dunlap
Illustrated by Greg Pizzoli
Random House, 2018.  Picture Book.

Crunch is a lovely and quiet brontosaurus who has hidden himself in some shubbery and is rather shy. He would like to play, but it will require some gentle coaxing from you! If you are patient and encouraging, you will find yourself with a new friend!

This picture book is a warm, funny example of how to engage with someone new, who is perhaps a bit different from you. Lessons in friend-making (such as minding personal space and demonstrating interest in another's hobbies) are delivered so subtly that children will absorb them unconsciously as they delight in Crunch's silly hat and dance moves!

Cirocco Dunlap (This Book Will Not Be Fun) and Greg Pizzoli (The Watermelon Seed) enchant and surprise us with their first collaboration.  --Publisher

Read in Preschool Time

By Emily Gravett
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2011.  Picture Book.

It’s nearly Cedric the dragon’s bedtime, and for Cedric, bedtime means story time! When his mother reads him his favorite book, he likes the story so much that he wants to hear it again…and again…and again!

Cedric’s mom understands that the best stories are ripe for repetition, and she tries very hard to be patient. But sometimes dragons will be dragons—which is why this bedtime tale ends with an incendiary surprise!  --Publisher

Read in Friday Book Babies

Everybunny Dance!
By Ellie Sandall
McElderry Books, 2017.  Picture Book.

Run and jump and dance and play, all together, every day!  Everybunny is invited!  Come clap your paws and twist and twirl in this joyous celebration of playful creativity.  Children will be on their feet and DANCING along with bunnies of many sizes and colors, and one unexpected new friend!  --Publisher

Read in Friday Cuentos

Escrito por Teresa Duran
Ilustrado por Elena Val
Ediciones Ekaré, 2010.  Spanish Picture Book.

Rojo, blanco, amarillo, verde y ¡azul!… El infierno, el polo, el desierto, la selva y ¡el mar! Diablote, cansado de pasar calor en el infierno, enrosca la cola como un resorte, da un brinco y… ¡ziuuu!, se va de viaje alrededor del mundo. Un libro lleno de emoción, ideal para aprender los colores.  --Publisher

Friday, October 4, 2019

The Night Bear

The Night Bear
By Anna and Thiago de Moraes
Andersen Press, 2019. Unpaged. Picture Book.

In this picture book the Night Bear rides the bus to town in search for his dinner. When he arrives he finds that there are a lot of nightmares he can eat. He is happy when he finds he evil witches that taste like egg sandwiches, a scary yet that tastes like yummy spaghetti, and angry gnomes that taste like ice cream cones. But what happens when he finds a good dream? YUCK! It doesn't taste very good. Luckily, Night Bear finds someone who can enjoy the good dream.

This book is great way to reframe how children see nightmares. It comes with instructions on how to fold an oragami box to put their nightmares in so that a Night Bear can eat the bad dream for dinner. The fun writing style paired with fun illustrations makes it a great story for bedtime.