Friday, January 31, 2014


by Sage Blackwood
Harper, 2013.  360 pgs.  Fantasy

When his horrible stepfather takes him out into the forest in order to leave him there to die, young Jinx instead finds himself taken in by the resident evil wizard, Simon. The wizard is cranky and difficult to live with, but he takes pretty good care of Jinx. Years pass and as Jinx grows older and wiser, he begins to wonder why Simon is so interested in keeping him alive? Does it have anything to do with the unusual powers that Jinx possesses? Jinx knows he must somehow escape, but the world outside is a large and frightening place--filled with werewolves, trolls, witches, and one other extremely nasty wizard who makes Simon look like a saint. Lots of magical adventures await. Can Jinx survive them all? Read this fabulous and thrilling book to find out!

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