Monday, January 6, 2014

Display - Winter Wonderland

Red Sled
By Patricia Thomas
A boy and his father lift one another's spirits by going sledding on a winter's night.

After being named in his birth mother's will, Miami dentist Ted Brooks travels to Alaska to claim the inheritance, her team of sled dogs. Now he must learn how to race them or give them up to a crusty mountain man who wants the dogs for himself.
By  Kazuno Kohara
One cold morning, a lonely boy wishes for something to do. Then someone comes to play who knows what winter is all about.
By Caralyn Buehner
When winter sidewalks seem to have been mysteriously shoveled, a child wonders if snowmen are magic and have nighttime jobs while the people sleep. Includes hidden pictures.
By Uri Shulevitz
As snowflakes slowly come down, one by one, people in the city ignore them, and only a boy and his dog think that the snowfall will amount to anything.
By Eileen Spinelli
A cold snap has everyone in the town of Toby Mills feeling down, until the mayor's wife thinks of a way to warm things up again.
By Jane Yolen
On a winter's night under a full moon, a father and daughter trek into the woods to see the Great Horned Owl.
By Elisha Cooper
After a bear cub persuades his friends to play with him instead of hibernating, he gets very tired and falls asleep.
Journey deep into the winter woods and meet two snowdrifts, Pierre and Janine. Together they introduce you to their forest friends and reminisce about a time when a mysterious stranger came to visit.
By Jan Carr
Describes the delights of such winter activities as throwing snowballs, making a snowman, and going ice skating.
By Caitlin Matthews

A collection of eight traditional tales associated with a variety of winter celebrations from Scottish, Russian, Inuit, Austrian, Czech, and Jewish lore.

 A Perfect Day
By Carin Berger

Young friends enjoy a day of sledding, snowball fights, and ice skating one snowy day in their hillside village.

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