Wednesday, August 1, 2018

DISPLAY: You Must Be Joking

DISPLAY : You Must Be Joking 

The Monster Fun Joke Book 
By Sean Connolly

Windmill Books, 2012. 32 p
A collection of jokes about monsters, including vampires, skeletons and ghosts.

The Laugh Stand 
By Brian Cleary

Millbrook Press, 2008. 48 p.
A fun book full of word plays, puns, anagrams, daffynitions, Tom Swifties, and more.

Simms Taback Great Big Book of Spacy Snakey Buggy Riddles 
By Katy Hall

Illustrated by Simms Taback Viking, 2008. 32 p.
A classic collection of fun and whacky riddles.

The Science Zone: Jokes, Riddles, Tongue Twisters &“Daffynitions” 
By Gary Chmielewski

Norwood House Press, 2008. 24 p.
100 Science themed jokes, with writing exercises and tips on how to write your own jokes.

Goofy Jokes & Giggles 
By Charles Keller
Illustrated by Dave Garbot
Sterling Pub. 2001. 96 p.
One in a series of jokes and riddles books that can be found in the informational section 818.54.

School Jokes 
By Joseph Rosenbloom

Illustrated by Steve Harpster
Sterling Pub. 2004. 48 p.
Get ready to go back-to-school with collection of silly school jokes.

Great Book of Riddle & Jokes 
By Joseph Rosenbloom
Illustrated by Sandford Hoffman

Sterling Pub. 1987. 85 p.
This hilarious collection features more kinds of jokes, riddles, puns, insults, nonsense rhymes, fish stories, how-cold-was-it gags, and goofy definitions.

Dinosaur Jokes 
By Pam Rosenberg

Illustrated by Mernie Gallagher-Cole
Child’s World, 2011. 25 p.
How do dinosaurs pay their bills? With Tyrannosaurus checks! What should you do if a dinosaur sneezes? Why, get out of the way, of course! These are just two of the dinosaur jokes that will have you laughing and rolling on the floor until your stomach is, well, saurus.

More Really Silly Jokes 
By Cyl Lee

Abdo Pub. 2005. 23 p.
Easy to read jokes for the youngest comedians.

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