Monday, July 16, 2018

ROCKIN' READS: Islandborn

By Junot Díaz
Illustrated by Leo Espinosa
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2018. Picture Book.

For a school assignment Lola and her class are asked to draw a picture based on the country where they came from—since “every kid in Lola’s school was from somewhere else.” Many of the kids were excited about drawing pictures of things that they remember; however, Lola is worried because she left the Island before she could remember anything. Ms. Obi her teacher tells Lola that she can ask others (such as her family and friends) what they remember about the Island and then draw a picture based on what she learns. Lola then works on trying to figure out just what the Island is like. This rockin’ read is a good story to introduce children to the fact that many people come from different places—and that many places have both good and bad things about them. Díaz and Espinosa’s text and illustrations are sensitive and honest all while presenting big thoughts to a young audience. All around, this is a great new picture book. A bonus is that this book was also published in Spanish as Lola.

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