Monday, July 9, 2018

ROCKIN' READS: Do Not Lick This Book*

Do Not Lick This Book*: *It’s Full of Germs. 
By Idan Ben-Barak
Illustrated by Julian Frost
Scanning Electron Microscope Images by Linnea Rundgren
A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Book Press, 2017. Informational Picture Book.

This is a book about germs. Really. Readers are first introduced to Min (the microbe) who lives on a page in the book—as a tiny speck that is so small you cannot see her without gigantic magnification. Readers are introduced to her and her world…then they can touch the book and take Min to another place (the reader’s teeth)! Then Min meets another microbe named Rae, who is one of the microbes that works to build cavities. Again touching a shirt takes Min and Rae on another adventure where they meet another microbe. A final adventure comes when readers “touch” their bellybuttons where they meet the fourth microbe. With illustrated microbes and real images magnified (so readers can see what paper, teeth, fabric, and skin look like at the scale of the microbes) kids will learn about the small world that microscopes can show us. This is a rockin' way for young kiddos to learn basic facts about microbes in a comical and entertaining way.

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