Wednesday, June 27, 2018

ROCKIN' READS: Big Foot and Little Foot

Big Foot and Little Foot
By Ellen Potter
Illustrated by Felicita Sala
Amulet Books, 2018. Intermediate. 136 p.
Hugo and his Sasquatch family live in a system of caves deep beneath the forest. The first rule for little Sasquatches, or Squidges, is that they must never be seen by humans. Hugo longs to see the outside world, sail the ocean, and have adventures, but he knows that he will probably live his whole life in the village's cavern. Then one day, during stealth training outside the cave, he happens upon a human boy. This is a gentle story written in accessible language and featuring child-friendly black and white illustrations. Potter's message of overcoming prejudice is timely but not heavy handed.  This Rockin' Read would be a great choice for a child who is planning on spending some time camping this summer and might enjoy imagining friendly Sasquatch families nearby.

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