Tuesday, June 19, 2018

ROCKIN’ READS: The Better Tree Fort

The Better Tree Fort 
By Jessica Scott Kerrin
Groundwood Books, 2018. Picture book.

When Russell and his dad move to a new house with a giant tree in the backyard, Russell begs for a tree fort. Russell’s dad declares he doesn’t know much about building but decides to give it a try. Many trips to the hardware store later, the pair have created a wonderful tree fort, albeit not with the skylight, balcony and slide that Russell had first imagined.

Father and son enjoy a sleepover in their new fort and Russell declares it perfect. But the next morning Russell sees a construction crew three houses over assembling a truly magnificent tree fort with turrets, slides, and working lights. Will this better tree fort make Russell unhappy with his own?

This is a sweet story about the bond between father and son and about how spending time with those we love is more meaningful than having the latest and greatest possessions.

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