Monday, May 14, 2018


By Aaron Reynolds
Illustrated by Dan Santat
Roaring Brook Press, 2018. Picture Book

The first thing about this book that I will tell you is that I totally laughed at the author and illustrator blurbs (and illustrations). The second thing I will tell you is that if I enjoyed the book enough to read the author and illustrator blurbs, then I really must have enjoyed the book. This book has a total of three words (and two of them are “dude” and “dudes”). A beaver and a platypus are excited to go surfing. Then while surfing they see a shark. Of course things are not always what they seem—point in fact the shark doesn’t want to eat the duo. This book is hilarious (seriously, if the author and illustrator blurbs are humorous, then this book is heavy on the comedic timing). And with such a few amount of words, it means that kiddos will need to take a lot of cues from the illustrations to discover the narrative (which is a good skill for them to learn). Who knew that learning could be quite so funny? This is seriously a good book that every “dude” should read.

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