Friday, May 11, 2018

Display: Butterfly Craze

Ten Magic Butterflies
By: Danica McKellar
Crown Books for Young Readers, 2018. Picture Book

One by one, ten flowers ask a fairy to turn them into butterflies for a night of magical flying, demonstrating to readers the different ways to group numbers to create ten.

Butterflies and Moths
By: John feltwell
New York : DK Publishing, 2018. Informational

Information, fun activities and project ideas are provided for young nature explorers.

By: Seymour Simon
Collins 2011. Informational

Award-winning science writer Seymour Simon invites readers to explore the world of butterflies and moths with fascinating facts and stunning full-color photographs. Learn where to find butterflies and moths, how to observe them in nature, and how to plant your very own butterfly garden.

By: Nic Bishop
Scholastic, 2011. Informational

Describes the life cycle of butterflies, from a tiny egg into a caterpillar, to a metamorphosizing pupa, and finally into a beautiful winged butterfly.

Butterflies: exploring the life cycle 
By: Shirley Raines
Franklin, TN : Flowerpot press, 2017. Informational

Explore the wonderful world of butterflies such as Monarchs, Tiger Swallows, and more! Amazing facts accompany lyrical poetry and vivid photography to encourage children to engage in a multi-disciplined learning experience. Featuring extension activities in the back pages, this book provides content for STEAM learning while offering both textual and visual appeal.

Origami birds and butterflies
By: Lisa Miles
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2014. Informational

An overview to common folds and origami techniques used to create swans, doves, and butterflies out of colored paper.

How to draw butterflies and other insects
By: Peter Gray
PowerKids Press, 2014. Informational

How to draw butterflies and other insects.

By: Marilyn Singer
EarlyLight, 2011. Informational

Introduces the different types of caterpillars and how they move, eat, protect themselves from predators, and transform into a butterfly or moth.

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