Monday, April 30, 2018

The Rose Legacy

The Rose Legacy
Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury, 2018. 272 p.

In this first in a new series Anthea Cross-Thornley is an orphan who was passed around from relative to relative. Eventually she finds her way to Uncle Andrew’s place—called Last Farm—across the border wall to the kingdom where exiles and fugitives are sent. Anthea there discovers that Uncle Andrew raises horses. All her live Anthea was taught that horses carried diseases and are evil. So when she is unexpectedly thrown in the midst of a horse farm she of course is a little concerned. When she meets the stallion Florian and discovers that she has “the way” or a strong connection to horses (in that she can feel their thoughts and talk to them) Anthea becomes confused. She must not only discover who she is and what she thinks about horses, but Anthea must decide where her loyalties lie and how in the world she can reconcile the fact that she is supposed to hate an animal that she has such a strong connection to.

This is a good book for any young horse book readers—or fantasy readers. In fact, if there is a reader who loves horse books and fantasy/adventure books with strong female characters, then they will love reading this book. (I am especially excited to read more in this series due to the fact that one of my favorite characters in the book was just introduced in the last chapter.)

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