Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Display: April Showers

By Kathleen V. Kudlinski
Illustrated by Sebastia Serra

Examines what is known about  weather - storms, predictions, climate, and other characteristics - and how different the facts are from what scientists, from ancient Sumerians to the recent past, believed to be true.

By Jennifer Boothroyd

Learn the ins and outs of observing weather conditions in this book.

By Roger Canavan
Illustrated by Mark Bergin

Discusses how weather has shaped the world we live in, and how humans have learned to live in almost every climate that can be found on Earth.

By Gail Gibbons

Young readers can learn how hurricanes are formed, how they are named and classified, and what to do if a dangerous storm is coming their way.

By Kathy Furgang and Tim Samaras

Weather can be wild, freaky, and fascinating! Powerful twisters roar through homes; earthquakes shatter whole cities; hurricanes fly through towns. How does it all happen and how do we know what we do? All you need to know about weather and all of its wildness will be found in the pages of this colorful, energetic, and accessible book. Kids will also learn about real-life encounters with wild weather from National Geographic tornado chaser, Tim Samaras, featured in 'Explorer's Corners' throughout the book. Packed with fun facts and amazing photographs, this book gives kids an in-depth look at these amazing natural phenomena.

By Tedd Arnold

Fly Guy is buzzing over to the weather station today. Come along to learn all about weather!

By Patrick Michaels
Illustrated by Melanie Rose

An A-Z pictorial for children including weather terms such as barometer, cloud, tornado, and sunshine introduced with poems accompanied by expository text to provide detailed information.

By Judith Jango-Cohen
Illustrated by Tess Feltes

Describes how clouds, hail, snow, and rain form, and discusses why the water cycle is important.

By Gail Gibbons

A thorough explanation of the formation and effects of rain.

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