Saturday, March 24, 2018

From Story Time: The Letter "X"

Read in Book Babies

By Deborah Freedman
Viking, 2013.  Picture Book.

Every day, Snail waits for Fish to come home with a new story.  Today, Fish's story is too grand simply to be told:  Fish wants to show Snail.  But that would mean leaving the familiar world of their book--a scary prospect for Snail, who would rather stay safely at home and pretend to be kittens.  Fish scoffs; Snail snaps back.  Is this book too small for the two feuding friends?  Freedman has created a sweet and playful story about friendship that truly jumps off the page.  --Publisher

Read in Toddler Time

By Janet Morgan Stoeke
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014.  Picture Book.

Midge, Pip, and Dot are hens.  They live on Loopy Coop Farm.  One night, a fox finds their coop.  Oh no!  The hens need help.  Who will help?  What about Rooster Sam?  No help.  What about the dog?  No help.  It's up to Dot.  That fox will have a silly surprise, and so will you!  --Publisher

Read in Preschool Time

By Ben Clanton
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015.  Picture Book.

Amazing things are happening all around you. You just need to know where to look—and this whimsical picture book is the perfect place to start. Have you ever wished for something extraordinary? Like the ability to fly? Or to breathe underwater? What if you could talk to animals? It’s fun to wish for amazing things. But take a look around, and you just might find that the most “ordinary” things…can be extraordinary.  --Publisher

Read in Preschool Time

By Corey R. Tabor
Balzer + Bray, 2016.  Picture Book.

Fox really, really wants to win the jumping contest.  He knows just where he'll put that first-place trophy.  The only problem?  Fox is not a very good jumper.  But he is a very good schemer...  The irrepressible Fox (soft of) wins and (sort of) gets his comeuppance in this hilarious modern-day trickster tale.  --Publisher

Read in Monday Cuentos

Hay un molillo en mi bolsillo!
By Dr. Seuss
Lectorum, 2007.  Spanish Easy Reader.

Una casa llena de criaturas extraordinarias ayudan a lectores principiantes a reconocer palabras domésticas comunes.  --Publisher

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