Monday, January 8, 2018

The Apprentice Witch

The Apprentice Witch 
James Nicol
Scholastic Inc., 2017. 318 p.

The story opens with Arianwyn heading into her witch’s assessment—the assessment that determines if a witch is capable and competent and thus would be assigned a witch’s assignment. Unfortunately she fails the test miserably. Due to some intervention by her grandmother she The Civil Witch Authority deems her an apprentice witch (thus only having a bronze moon badge instead of the witch’s silver star badge) and Wyn is sent away to a community to serve as a witch.

On her way via bus to the remote town of Lull, Wyn meets Salle who immediately becomes her friend. Unluckily the bus also encounters a demon in the woods and Wyn is barely able to save Salle and the bus driver. This are pretty rocky for Wyn as she tries to keep a few secrets about her power, deal with her nemesis Gimma (who also gets sent to Lull after a few months), and somehow become a real witch.

This book has loads of magic, friendship, and adventure and is perfect for readers who love strong female characters and fantasy settings.

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