Monday, September 11, 2017

Mama Lion Wins the Race

Mama Lion Wins the Race 
Jon J Muth
Scholastic Press, 2017. Picture Book.

Have you ever read a book and loved how it spoke to you for many different reasons? Well, this is one of those books for me. First of all, let me tell you what this book is about. Mama Lion and Tigey are about to enter a car race. This race takes place all over Italy (according to the map and some of the illustrations of the Italian countryside. There are other racers as well—racing in a variety of other animals both nice and a little mischievous.

All of the animals are based off of stuffed animals. The author had a lot of help (just look at who he dedicates and thanks on the last page) from kids who were willing to share their stuffed friends for him to draw. I love that this is a story where toys come to life. I believe kids will like how stuffed animals can potentially be racing all over the Italian countryside. Also, I love that this is a nod to the Old Italian car races that happened in the early days of car racing. It almost seems like this is a nod to tangible classics of childhood and the memories of classics such as car racing. Both of which make this one fun book to read. And I can’t help but love Mama Lion. She is just the best of all of them. Well done.

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