Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Display Case: Manatees

A Manatee Morning
By Jim Arnosky

A mother manatee and her baby swim in the warm waters of the Crystal River in Florida.

By Steven Otfinoski

Provides comprehensive information on the anatomy, special skills, habitats, and diet of manatees.

Face to Face with Manatees
By Brian Skerry

Meet the manatee, nature's gentle giant, and learn why his world is threatened by pollution and development.

Saving Manatees
By Stephen R. Swinburne

What has the whiskers of a walrus, the eyes of a mole, the wrinkles of an elephant, the tail of a beaver, and the gentle nature of a sloth? A slow-moving, water-loving, plant-eating, gentle giant called a manatee.

Slow Down for Manatees
By Jim Arnosky

Injured by a passing motorboat, a pregnant manatee is rescued and taken to an aquarium to recover and have her baby in a safe environment.

By Laura F. Marsh

Explores the world of manatees, including their habitats, physical characteristics, diet, behavior, and threats to their environment.

Deadly Waters
By Gloria Skurzynski

While visiting the Everglades National Park with their parents, the Landon children uncover the mystery of dying manatees and learn important lessons about the natural environment.

Manatee Calves
By Ruth Owen

Examines the birth and care of manatees, including how long they nurse, what is the first thing they do, and where they live.

The Manatee Scientists: Saving Vulnerable Species
By Peter Lourie

Highlights the work scientists are doing to protect the manatee, an endangered species.

By James Powell

Discusses the evolution, movement, habitat, and physical description of manatees and dugongs, as well as what can be done to protect them.

Kobee Manatee: Heading Home to Florida
By Robert Thayer

Kobee returns to Florida from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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