Saturday, July 29, 2017

NOPE! A Tale of First Flight

NOPE!  A Tale of First Flight
By Drew Sheneman
Viking, 2017.  Picture Book.

Have you ever been absolutely terrified to try something new?  Well this little baby bird feels your pain!  In this nearly wordless picture book, Mother Bird is ready for her baby to fly for the first time.  But Baby sees nothing but danger in the loooooong view down from his safe nest in the treetops.  He imagines a multitude of terrible fates down below, including a feisty, hungry cat, large-fanged, salivating dogs, and wily, snapping crocodiles.  What is Baby Bird's response?  NOPE!  But Mama will have none of it.  It's time for this baby to conquer his fears, so with lots of love (and more than a gentle nudge), Mama helps Baby find fantastic flight success.  Comical facial expressions in Sheneman's digital illustrations add to the humor of this familiar plight.  A great book for any little one (or grownup!) facing something new or scary.

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