Friday, July 14, 2017

CHARACTER COUNTS: Cuando un elefante se enamora

Cuando un elefante se enamora
by Davide Calì and Alice Lotti
Translated by Ana Sancho Rosales
 Anaya, 2016. Libro ilustrado.

This books is great in English or Spanish. Follow the adorable elephant protagonist through all the stages of love: He wants to get her attention, but he's shy. He tries to diet, bathe, and leave flowers, but it doesn't seem like enough and sometimes feels sad. Then, one day, love comes to knock on his door instead of the other way around. It's super cute.

 ¿Qué ocurre cuando uno se enamora? Cuando un elefante se enamora hace de todo para llamar la atención, se baña todos los días y escribe cartas que nunca envía. Pero cuando menos lo espera ...

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