Monday, July 24, 2017


7 Ate 9 
By Tara Lazar
Illustrated by Ross MacDonald
Disney Hyperion, 2017. Picture Book.

Character is important. And in this book you learn all about the importance of being a good character. It all starts when 6 comes barreling into the office of a private “I” detective. 6 was worried because 7 was going to get him since “7 ate 9!” And thus begins the investigation as to what 7 had done. Readers will learn about letters and the importance of not eating other people (and what it means to be a good number—er—person). This is a silly book with big numbers and letters as the characters with retro-like faces (think Dick and Jane faces on numbers or letters). Kids might not always get the humor; however, the parents who read to the kiddos will chuckle here and there. And if a parent can laugh at the book, it may be one that is okay to read over and over again.

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