Thursday, June 8, 2017


Unbound: A Novel in Verse
By Ann E. Burg
Scholastic Press, 2016. Fiction.

Grace is a nine-year-old slave who has just been called up to work in the Big House, and even though everyone has warned her not to speak up, she can't see unfair things happening without saying that they're wrong. One day, Grace finally speaks up for what's right, and she realizes that because of it, unless her family escapes they'll be separated. The second half of the story talks about her whole family escaping to the Dismal Swamp to join other former slaves who have escaped there.

Grace is a really exceptional character. She is determined to always do what is right and fair and convinces the grown-ups in her family how important it is to do the same. Not only does she help her family escape, but she thinks through the things her family will need to run away and plans ahead. This book is a great historical fiction read with an inspiring story, awesome characters, and some interesting new history.

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