Friday, June 16, 2017


The Inn Between
by Marina Cohen
Roaring Brook Press, 2016.
Fiction, 198 p.

Quinn and Kara, BFFs since kindergarten, are taking a last road trip together as Kara's family moves to California. Both girls are devastated: Quinn is worried about being left alone, and Kara is worried about Quinn's increasingly erratic behavior. As a mark of forever friendship, the girls tie their thread bracelets together for most of the trip, an action that binds them together through the very worst.

Somewhere in the dark, empty Nevada desert, Kara's sleepy father declares that's it's time for a rest. The family stops at the strangely elaborate Inn Between, whose slogan is "We've Been Expecting You." The inn is old fashioned but gorgeous and the family plans to stay a couple days; unfortunately, it only takes one night for strange things to start happening... and for people to start disappearing.

This book focuses on the power of love, forgiveness, family, and eternal friendship.

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