Saturday, May 20, 2017

Whose Hands Are These?

Whose Hands Are These? A Community Helper Guessing Book
Written by Miranda Paul
Illustrated by Luciana Navarro Powell
Millbrook Press, 2016. Informational Picture Book.

Are you preparing to teach a unit about Community Helpers and looking for a new book to introduce the topic? You have found it! Paul has created a perfect, rhyming, read-aloud for interactive preschoolers to guess who each community helper is. Each person is introduced by Powell's illustrations showing what they do with their hands. These illustrations are accompanied by simple rhyming stanzas leaving the reader to guess the rhyming word on the next page. The next page contains the name and an illustration of that specific community helper.

There is diversity throughout and both genders performing the professions. A summary in the back of the book provides a more detailed paragraph about the specifics of each of the occupations that are introduced.

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