Friday, May 12, 2017

The Crossroads

by Chris Grabenstein
Random House, 2008.
Fiction, 325 p.

My recent literature selections read like a Halloween booklist, so it's not surprising that The Crossroads grabbed my attention. This is actually a pretty scary book for something on the children's side. It was pretty easy to imagine horror movie scenarios as I read, but it stayed just light enough that an old fan of Ghost Whisperer would be pretty comfortable. 

Zack is plagued by the idea of ghosts before he moves from the big city to his father's old hometown. So he's primed and ready to believe in the ghosts once they start showing up. With Zack doing most of the paranormal work, and his new stepmother independently gathering research data, the Jennings family has one chance to stop the ghostly reappearance of a malevolent spirit and solve the deaths of 40 people... and the body count is rising. 

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