Monday, May 22, 2017

Be Quiet!

Be Quiet! 
Ryan T. Higgins
Disney Hyperion, 2017. Picture Book.

Rupert is a mouse who wants to create an artistic picture book that is wordless. The only trouble is that two of Rupert’s mice friends want to help create the book—and they aren’t really quiet as they are helping to create the story. They talk and talk and talk about what they can do in the book and how wonderful they are; which in turn aggravates Rupert to the point that he is no longer quiet as well.

This is a comedic picture book where kids will see the irony of whether or not the mice are being quiet in this “wordless” picture book. And for fans of Higgins’ previous works (Mother Bruce and Hotel Bruce), there is a cameo of that “strong”, “silent”, and “grumpy” bear. This book is simply clever.

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