Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Wearle

The Wearle
(The Erth Dragons #1)
by Chris D'Lacey
Scholastic, 2017. Fiction. 284 p.
The Wearle, a race of dragons, has just arrived on Erth (sic).  They have displaced a primitive tribe of the Hom and are hoping to set up a breading ground and mining industry. They are also trying to discover what happened to an earlier colony of Wearle that disappeared some years before. Most of the Hom hate the "skylars" but are powerless to fight them. One young Hom, Ren, is fascinated with them and makes a bold move to learn more about them. He inadvertently gets involved with Wearle political intrigue and becomes the key to discovering the grisly fate of the earlier Wearle colony.

Here is a new series for fans of D'Lacey's "Last Dragon Chronicles". The dragons in both stories are similar, but this book occurs in a very different time period and setting and readers don't have to read that series to enjoy this. D'Lacey had created a richly imagined fantasy world that many sophisticated fantasy readers will enjoy.  Parents should be aware that there is a fair amount of violence in this book, and readers bothered by fantasy depictions of death and dismemberment might want to avoid this one.

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