Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Time Museum

The Time Museum 
by Matthew Loux
First Second, 2017. Graphic Novel. 256 p.

Here is the first in an exciting new graphic novel series. Delia, a super-intelligent, science geek, is offered an opportunity to compete for an internship at the Time Museum, a place where scientists travel through time to do research. There are five other kids competing, and they are from different times and places in the world. After a period of training, the six candidates are assigned trials that are challenging and dangerous. While on one of these Delia meets a mysterious time traveler who is not from the Museum. As the trials continue, the Delia and the others have to try to figure out who they can and cannot trust. Loux's full color illustrations are clear and expressive, and propel the reader through the story and a breathless pace. This is a fun, action filled, sci-fi that will appeal to kids who like Kibuishi's Amulet series.

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