Monday, February 20, 2017

Great, Now We've Got Barbarians!

Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians!
By Jason Carter Eaton
Illustrated by Mark Fearing
Candlewick Press, 2017. Picture Book.

When a boy refuses to clean his room, his mom warns him that it will attract pests. Little did they know the pests would not be flies, mice, or ants but barbarians. At first it isn’t too bad shooing Vlad and Torr out of the house, but things escalate and soon they are infested by the whole clan who made themselves at home. No matter what the family does—setting traps, building a scarecrow, or even calling an exterminator—they can’t get rid of them. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and soon, there’s only one thing left to try: the boy needs to clean his room.

A humorous look at the importance of keeping your room cleaned. Kids and parents will enjoy this picture book with great lines like “But that afternoon in the playroom, I ran into Torr, who’d come seeking glory. And cheese curls!”

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