Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Display: Fairy Books

The Fairy Tea Party is coming up at the Provo City Library. Why on read up on the Fairy World before you go?

Flower Fairies of the Trees
Flower Fairies of the Garden
Flower Fairies of the Spring
By Cicely Mary Barker
Penguin, 2008. Informational. unpag.
In these beautifully illustrated collections of poems, Barker describes fairies of all types.

By Cicely Mary Barker
Penguin Books, 2005. Informational. unpag.
Cicely Mary Barker's texts and illustrations are presented in what purports to be a secret journal kept by Barker during the summer of 1920. Includes lift-the-flap illustrations and tabbed enclosures.

The Complete Book of Flower Fairies
By Cicely Mary Barker
Frederick Warne, 2002. Informational. 189 p.
This is a compilation of poems about fairies in all the seasons and environs. All the poems are beautifully illustrated with detailed watercolors.

By Alisha Niehaus
DK Publishing, 2009.  Informational. 125 p.
This fairy encyclopedia explains what fairies are and explores folklore about them. It also explains the different types of fairies and fairies in literature.

Flower Fairies Secret World
By Cicely Mary Barker
Frederick Warne, 2002. Informational. 25 p.
In this beautiful guide to the secret world of the Flower Fairies we learn everything there is to know about fairies, from how tall they are to what they wear. We even get to know what they like to eat and how they spend their time as well as the most important secret of all, where they can be found.

Poppy the Piano Fairy
By Daisy Meadows
Scholastic Inc., 2008. Intermediate. 65 p.
Fairyland is hitting all the wrong notes! Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the Music Fairies' magic instruments. If Rachel and Kristy don't act fast, everyone could find out about Fairyland!

Imagine You’re a Fairy
By Meg Clibbon
Annick Press, 2002. Informational. 26 p.
Meet fairies and see their imaginative and magical world.

Ashley the Dragon Fairy
By Daisy Meadows
Scholastic, 2009. Intermediate. 65 p.
Rachel and Kirsty are going to an outdoor adventure camp, but Jack Frost has stolen the seven magical animals from their fairies. In this adventure, they must rush to help Ashley the Dragon Fairy get her dragon back.

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