Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Curse of the Boggin

The Curse of the Boggin
(The Library, #1)
By D.J. MacHale
Random House, 2016. Fiction. 242 p.
Marcus' relationship with his stepparents is less than perfect but that is the least of his problems. One day he starts having random paranormal encounters. He hears and sees terrifying things that no one else seems to notice. As he tries to figure out what is going on he discovers that his birth parents left him a large brass key that opens the door to a magical library. In the library are histories of lives touched by the supernatural. To his horror he learns that his parents' story, and his own destiny, is wrapped up with an evil legendary creature called The Boggin.

This is a pretty intense and creepy fantasy.  Of course, we wouldn't have expected anything else from the author of the Pendragon series. Marcus and his friends are interesting enough as characters, but the strength of the book is in its fast-paced, running-away-in-terror, action scenes. Give this to readers who like the Lockwood and Co and Gordon Korman action fantasies.

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