Sunday, January 15, 2017

Display: Happy Birthday!

The Backwards Birthday Party
By Tom Chapin
At the backwards birthday party, a donkey pins the tail on the guests, the ice cream is hot, and the candles are not.

Rocky and Daisy and the Birthday Party
By Melinda Melton Crow
It is their human friend Owen's birthday, and Rocky and Daisy want to participate in the preparations--and share in the food.

Birthday Bash!
By Melinda La Rose
It's Jake's birthday! To celebrate this special day, Jake's crew has created a special treasure map for him that will lead to fun birthday activities. Like a true Never Land pirate, Jake decides to invite that sneaky snook, Captain Hook, and Mr. Smee to join in the fun. But something is wrong ... could it be that this cranky old Captain never had his own birthday party? 

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties
By Eric Ode
 In the town of Mossy Pockets, the residents throw a birthday party for reluctant Bigfoot. The party excitement builds until it all comes to a pie-smashing disaster. But in the end, Bigfoot loves it--because even though Bigfoot does not like birthday parties, Bigfoot loves a birthday mess!

Happy Birthday, Bertie!
By Marcus Pfister
It's Bertie's birthday and he's going to have a birthday party. There's a birthday cake to be made, and decorations to be hung, and games to be played, and best of all, presents to be opened. But where is Daddy's present? Daddy has hidden it so well, he cannot find it himself.

Birthday Mice!
By Bethany Roberts
A little mouse's very lively birthday party has the cowboy theme he hoped for.

Happy Birthday, Bunny!
By Elizabeth Garton Scanlon
Illustrations and rhyming text portray the birthday party of a beloved baby.

Birthday Cakes
By Sarah L. Schuette
Simple text and colorful photographs describe types of birthday cakes.

Happy Birthday!: A Spot-It Challenge
By Sarah L. Schuette
Simple text invites the reader to find items hidden in birthday-themed photographs.

Birthday Crafts
By Greta Speechley
This book is crammed with ideas for crafts that will make birthday parties even more fun. Step-by-step instructions and tracing patterns give you all you need to create invitations, place cards, a game, and a magic trick. Features fun fact boxes.

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