Monday, December 12, 2016


Moo: a Novel 
By Sharon Creech
Joanna Cotler Books, an Imprint of HarperCollins. 278 p.

Reena and her family move to Maine after a down turn in the economy changes the job prospects of Reena’s parents. While getting settled into their new life Reena and her younger brother Luke are assigned to help the aging Mrs. Falala take care of her animals. Mrs. Falala is demanding and cantankerous—and her cow Zora is even more so. Reena has her hands full helping take care of the animals and getting Zora ready for the fair.

There is quite a bit to discuss in this book: family relationships, farming, children working, what is respectful (or disrespectful) when talking to adults, and surviving in a tough economic time period. Reena works through a lot of change with grace and aplomb (despite the fact that Zora knocks her over and she spends most of the book in a smelly, dirty state). This is a quick read. The book has quite a bit of white space (which leaves loads of room for the “Mooos” that are thrown in the text her and there).

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