Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe

Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe
By Troy Howell
Ripple Grove Press, 2016. Picture book.

One day Lizbeth Lou finds a pebble in her shoe and throws it away, whereupon it lands in a cricket’s canoe. The cricket, afraid of sinking, dumps the boulder overboard and a trout tries to eat it. The rock makes it way from creature to creature, both big and small, until it once again comes back to the place it started from.

This rhyming circular tale is fun and whimsical, but it is the lovely illustrations that make this book truly special. Kathryn Carr’s dioramas are hand-cut paper silhouettes, arranged, backlit, and then photographed. The warm sepia tones and delicate details invite exploration and make this a great story to share cozily one-on-one.

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