Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pig and Pug

Pig and Pug
By Laura Marchesani and Zeniades A. Medina Jr.
Penguin Young Readers, 2015. Easy Reader.

Pig is the only pig on the farm. While the chickens cluck together and the cows moo together, pig snorts all alone. What he really wants is a friend. But then someone new shows up – someone with a curly tail, who snorts and likes to roll in the mud. Is it a pig?

This easy reader book has simple text that a first grader or even kindergartener could read. But it still manages to be a funny and sweet story of friendship that will especially amuse those who have spent time around a pug dog before. The happy, scribbly illustrations might inspire a few kids to try their own hand at drawing.

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