Monday, November 7, 2016

November Parent/Child Book Club Books

For November we will have two fantastic books for the Parent/Child Book Clubs. The Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen will be the Mother/Daughter Book Club Book. The Mother/Son Book Club Book is award-winning graphic novel El Deafo by Cece Bell.

If the child (or grownup) in your life loves adventure, fantasy, and a bit of Roman mythology all rolled into one book, then you might be thrilled at November’s selection for Mother/Daughter Book Club. The Mark of the Thief has all of those things all rolled into one. Nic is a slave in some old Roman mines. He is sent to retrieve a powerful amulet…only he ends up keeping it for himself instead of giving it over to those that want it. The amulet has magic that is from Roman gods or goddesses. And there are many Roman citizens who would kill for that power… Beware! This is the first book in a planned trilogy—and only book one and two are out so far! (Though book three is scheduled to come out in January…so you won’t have to wait too long for the conclusion.)

El Deafo is one of my favorite graphic novels! It is a memoire of author Cece Bell’s experience growing up (told in a comic/graphic novel formats). Cece has to wear a hearing device called the sonic ear when paired with a microphone her teacher wears will amplify what her teacher says in school. That way Cece can go to a regular school with kids from her neighborhood. Cece is already shy so wearing something big and noticeable like a sonic ear really makes her feel self-conscious. However, Cece soon discovers that there are some advantages (almost superhero-like advantages) to having super hearing. This book has so much to talk about! And I am sure that the Mother/Son Book Club will enjoy discussing the ins and outs of what it must have felt like to be Cece (or her superhero counterpart El Deafo).

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