Monday, November 28, 2016

From Story Time: The Letter "L"


By Anna Dewdney
Viking, 2007.  Picture Book.

Llama Llama is having fun playing when Mama decides it's time to go shopping.  But he doesn't want to go shopping.  After being taken away from his playtime, being woken up from his nap in the car, and having to shop and shop and shop, Llama Llama gets MAD at Mama!  But Mama knows just how to settle little Llama down, and the day ends with teamwork, smiles, and a little bit of ice cream.  Written in Dewdney's classic rhyming Llama Llama style, this story is a great reminder that sometimes it's hard being a toddler in a grownup world!


By Nic Bishop
Scholastic, 2010.  Easy Reader.

Lizards are amazing creatures, and Nic Bishop's brilliant photographs are just as incredible!  This informational easy reader is chock full of fascinating lizard facts.  Bishop captures striking detail in his photographs, right down to individual scales.  A delightful photo index, relevant glossary, and engaging afterward provide ample opportunity for further investigation.  A great read for reptilian enthusiasts and newbies alike!


By Michael Foreman
Andersen Press USA, 2013.  Picture Book.

After Dad reads a bedtime story, Little Bear doesn't want to go to sleep.  He tells his dad all of the things that he loves his dad more than:  "more than all the snowflakes of winter...more than all the grains of sand on the shore...more than all the stars in the sky."  For each new comparison, Dad responds "I love you even more."  A sweet story with dreamy illustrations that celebrates the love between parent and child.


Written by Jean Reagan
Illustrated by Lee Wildish
Ediciones Obelisco, 2016.  Picture Book.

En las páginas de este cuento encontrarás los consejos esenciales para ser un buen cuidador de abuelos, como por ejemplo: jugar con él, saber qué cosas se pueden hacer dando un paseo; qué le gusta comer, etc. A partir de ahora, la próxima vez que tu abuelo llame a la puerta sabrás exactamente qué hacer y como cuidarle. ( Ten preparados los lápices de colores, los animalitos de plástico y el kétchup!). (Publisher)

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