Saturday, November 19, 2016

From Story Time: The Letter "K"


By David Slonim
Chronicle Books, 2005.  Picture Book.

Sophie and her family need a new couch.   After looking and looking, they finally find the perfect one at a rummage sale...but it comes with a blue Muppet-ish creature that won't budge off the center cushion.  They try plenty of removal methods, and nothing works...until someone cries for help.  Bright, expressive illustrations and wild-haired, wild-eyed characters will prompt lots of giggles from this fun book.


Written by Sean Ferrell
Illustrated by Charles Santoso
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2015.  Picture Book.

Adam receives a beautifully wrapped box, but when he opens it, he's not sure he likes what's inside.  Koala is big and furry...and creepy.  He has big, terrible, yellow eyes that just won't stop staring!  Koala is everywhere Adam turns.  But when something more terrible comes along, Adam decides that maybe Koala isn't so creepy after all, and perhaps he's a little bit cuddly.  An amusing story that's full of both imagination and fantastic illustrations, this makes for a great, "safe" spine-tingling read.


By Iza Trapani
Charlesbridge, 2015.  Picture Book.

In her latest book, Trapani offers an exciting retelling of this nursery rhyme favorite.  Old King Cole has worked so hard preparing his ball that he just can't stay awake.  Plenty of beloved characters make their appearance to try and wake him.  Little ones will enjoy searching the cheerful illustrations to see how many of the cast they recognize!


By Mo Willems
Hyperion Books for Children, 2004.  Picture Book.

Trixie, Daddy, and Knuffle Bunny are off on an adventure to the laundromat.  They walk down the street, through the park, and past the school to get there.  Trixie loves helping Daddy put the clothes in the machine.  But when Trixie realizes Knuffle Bunny is missing, the day takes a terrible turn.  Will Bunny ever be found?  Little ones will identify with Trixie's panic, and parents will revel in their justification for buying duplicate comfort objects...just to have a spare!  Willems' earned a well-deserved Caldecott Honor for his fantastic illustrations which created by combining drawings with photographs of Brooklyn.  Enjoy!


Written by César Blanco
Illustrated by Blanca Bk
Cuento de Luz, 2014.  Picture Book.

Una aldea en las montañas que lucha contra sus ancestrales enemigos: los lobos. Hoky, único superviviente de la última manada, verá entrelazada su vida con la de un pastorcillo, joven y alegre, llamado José. Hoky el lobo solidario es un cuento sobre el respeto, amor y fraternidad del ser humano hacia su entorno natural. (Publisher)


Tú y Yo
By Maggie Maino
Ediciónes Ekaré, 2013.  Picture Book.

Una mujer teje una bufanda y a su lado un gato juega con la madeja de lana; todo está tranquilo, pero al pasar las páginas, ¿Qué sorpresa nos tienen preparada? (Publisher)

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