Sunday, October 16, 2016

Unlike Other Monsters

Unlike Other Monsters
By Audrey Vernick
Illustrated by Colin Jack
Disney-Hyperion, 2016. Picture Book.

Since Zander is a monster, he doesn’t have any friends. Monsters don’t do friends. His sister, who is a fairy, has lots of friends. Then one day while surfing, Zander notices a bird watching him. The bird comes back the next day, and soon they are hanging out. When other monsters notice Zander and Bird hanging out, they ask him if they are friends. He says no because monsters don’t have friends. But he begins to wonder if he and Bird are friends so he asks his sister what friends do. She tells him they talk, eat, hang out, share secrets, and give kids who have lost their teeth money. Zander realizes that he and Bird do most of those things but until they find children with lost teeth to give money to, they will just have to hang out. A cute story about friendship and breaking the mold to be yourself and be friends with those who you think might be different from you on the surface but become the perfect companion.

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