Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit

Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit
By Cece Bell
Candlewick, 2016. Easy Reader. 48p.

Rabbit and Robot are back with a new adventure in friendship. This time Rabbit heads over to Robot’s house to surprise him. But upon arriving, Rabbit finds that Robot already has a new friend, Ribbit, over.

Everything Ribbit says makes Robot laugh, but all Rabbit can hear is “ribbit.” Robot’s Good Manners Meter informs him that he should make food his guest will enjoy, and so Rabbit has to suffer through popcorn with flies in it while they watch TV. And worst of all, both Rabbit and Ribbit want to play Cowboy Jack Rabbit in their game. Can Robot’s two friends ever learn to like each other?

This simple beginning chapter book is a lot of fun with its zany humor, lively illustrations, and realistic emotions about the struggles and joys of making new friends.

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