Saturday, October 22, 2016

From Story Time: The Letter F


By Lita Judge
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2015.  Picture Book.

It's morning, and Beatrix the parrot is WIDE awake!  Even though she knows she should be quiet, she just can't contain herself and shares her (loud) joy with each of her animal friends.  And while they love Beatrix, her morning energy is a bit much for them.  Beatrix manages to get into all kinds of mischief, but in the end, they all settle down for a nice morning nap.  This is a great story for high energy early risers!


Written by Rick Walton
Illustrated by Greg Hally
Gibbs Smith, 1995.  Picture Book.

This read aloud is a great introduction to compound words.  Bullfrog has lost his hop and takes off on an adventure to find it.  During his search, he comes across other compound words such as toadstool, doghouse, hedgehog, boxcar, and more.  The first half of each compound word and a partial illustration give clues to the full word and illustration on the next page, making this a fantastic opportunity for kids to practice their prediction skills.


Written by Jonathan London
Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
Puffin Books, 1994.  Picture Book.

When Froggy wakes up, he can't wait to go out in the snow.  He pulls on his clothes and heads out, but his mom reminds him that he's forgotten something -- his pants!  He flops back inside (taking off his mittens, scarf, hat, and boots), puts on his pants (and everything else), and goes back outside.  But his mom calls him in again.  What has he forgotten this time?  Poor Froggy.  After going through this routine several times, he finally gets all of his snow gear on...but then is too tired to go out to play!  Kids will love the repetition and sound effects of Froggy's zut! zat! zwit! zumming!


By Jeff Mack
Philomel Books, 2015.  Board Book.

Frog and fly are friendly acquaintances, but a friendship between these two can't last too long with fly being so delicious and all!  This board book has four short stories drawn as large-scale comics.  Each story is only two or three pages with just a few frames per page.  Perfect for the youngest of listeners, this little book is sure to elicit lots of giggles!


By Lorna Balian
Star Bright Books, 2004.  Picture Book.

This little witch has all the right accessories.  She has a big nose, crooked teeth, a pointy witch's hat, and witch shoes with buckles.  She even has a broom and a black cat!  She's ready and excited to cast some witchy spells.  But her laugh sounds more like a giggle than a cackle, her potion is just a goopy mess that makes her cat sick, and her spells never work the way they're supposed to.  Do you know her secret and why nothing works?  This Spanish translation book has been a classic in English (Humbug Witch) since 1965!


Written by Aaron Reynolds
Illustrated by Peter Brown

"Jasper Rabbit had a passion for carrots."  He just LOVED them, and he picked them from Crackenhopper Field every time he had the chance.  But soon carrots seem to be following him wherever he goes, and then they start appearing in his house!  Jasper is convinced that the creepy carrots are coming to get him...what do you think?  Just the right mix of veggie horror and humor, this is a great read for little ones at Halloween time.  Check out Creepy Carrots in English too!

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