Monday, October 24, 2016

Duck on a Tractor

Duck on a Tractor 
By David Shannon
Blue Sky Press, Scholastic Inc., 2016.

This is the sequel that many Duck on a Bike fans have been waiting for! (And I should know, I am one of those fans that LOVED Duck and wanted him to have more adventures!) At the end of Duck on a Bike Duck’s eyes go wide when he sees the big, red tractor. In this particular story Duck decides to take the tractor for a spin. Of course all of the other animals that enjoyed riding bicycles decide to join Duck. As they go down the street riding a tractor the opposite of what happened in Duck on a Bike happens—the people all stop and stare and have reactions to what they see (or what they think they see). This funny story will not only make those that loved Duck already smile, but those that love farm animals and tractors will also be pleased.

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