Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Big Book of Bugs

The Big Book of Bugs
By Yuval Zommer
Thames & Hudson, 2016. Informational.

This book is half gorgeously illustrated picture book and half informative non-fiction. Each spread has a subject title – such as “Butterflies” or “Night-Time Bugs” – 4 or 5 single-sentence facts spread around the page with matching illustrations nearby, and often a “Can you find?” challenge. The layout is beautiful and accessible, inviting readers to learn facts broken down into manageable pieces.

This is a wonderful book for all different ages. Very young children can study the detailed illustrations or try the I Spy games; early readers can listen to or practice reading the short but interesting facts. And older kids will enjoy breezing through the book and picking up interesting tidbits of information. The answers to all the “Can you find?” challenges are shown in the back, and there is an index as well.

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