Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Display: Superhero Kids

Big Guy/Little Guy Superhero Academy tickets go on sale Saturday September 10.  Why not read a superhero book before you go?

By Barry Lyga
Scholastic Press, 2010. Fiction 180 p.
Twelve-year-old Kyle Camden develops greater mental agility and superpowers during a plasma storm that also brings Mighty Mike, an alien, to the town of Bouring, While each does what he thinks is best, Kyle is labeled a villain and Mike a hero.

By Lee Bacon
Delacourte Press, 2012. Fiction. 258 p.
Besides being bullied, Joshua faces one more obstacle in middle school, trying to hide his identity as the son of supervillains, the Dread Duo.

By John David Anderson 
Harper Collins, 2014. Fiction. 277 p.
Michael Morn is a supervillain-in-training and the adoptive son of the brilliant criminal mastermind. When a new superhero arrives in town, Michael has to decide if he is a good guy or a bad guy, and what is the difference.

By Matthew Cody
Alfred A. Knopf, 2009. Fiction. 279 p.
Soon after moving to Noble's Green, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Daniel learns that his new friends have super powers that they will lose when they turn thirteen, unless he can use his brain power to protect them.

By Kelly McCullough
Feiwell &Friends, 2015. Fiction. 328 p.
Superhero geek Evan survives a supervillian's death ray, and is sent to the Academy for Metahuman Operatives. Unfortunately, instead of fighting bad guys, Evan finds himself blacklisted, and on the wrong side of the school's director. Can he convince his semi-retired has-been mentor to become a real hero once again?

By Alexander Irvine
Little Borwn and Co, 2014. Fiction. 152 p.
Steve Rogers wants to serve his country, but is stuck in a weak little body.  Then he is discovered by a brilliant scientists who makes him into a super soldier. This is a fictionalization of the movie that is appropriate for middle grade aged children.

By Michael Chabon
Balzar & Bray, 2011. Picture Book
A young superhero describes his awesome powers, which he then demonstrates as various foes arrive on the scene.

By Calliope Glass
Marvel Press, 2015. Picture Book
Readers must shake, touch and tap the pictures in the book to help the superheroes assemble for their next mission.

By David Soman
Illustrated by Jacky Davis
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2015. Picture Book
After her brother tells her she is too little to play with him, Lulu, dressed as Ladybug Girl, makes her own fun.

By Deb Pilutti
Henry Holt and Co, 2014. Picture Book
An instruction manual for aspiring superheroes that follows the adventures of action-figure Captain Magma and his sidekick/owner Lava Boy as they outsmart a villainous dinosaur, evade a bee, and save a worm from certain destruction.

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