Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stories from Bug Garden

Stories from Bug Garden
By Lisa Moser
Candlewick, 2016. Picture book.

What appears to be an abandoned garden is actually full of adventure and humor as a unique group of bugs takes up residence there. There’s a ladybug who has no interest in being a lady, preferring making mud angels to drinking tea. There’s a roly-poly who likes to roll down hills. And there’s a horsefly who is obsessed with being a horse. “See the wind ripple my mane? See my mighty hooves flash?” When Butterfly unhelpfully points that he is not really a horse, Horsefly loftily replies, “Well, you’re not butter, either.”

The text is made up of simple yet lyrical descriptions and humorous tongue-in-cheek dialogue. Add to this the friendly, scribbly illustrations and the whimsical personalities of the bugs, and this book has the feel of a classic and deserves multiple readings.

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