Thursday, August 18, 2016

Giddy-Up Buckaroos!

Giddy-Up Buckaroos! 
Written by Shanda Trent
Illustrated by Tom Knight
Tiger Tales, 2016. Picture Book.

Two siblings, donning cowboy and cowgirl outfits, imagine they are living in the Old West and get into mischief as they go about their daily routine. They dodge the sleeping family dog that doubles as a wolf; chase the unsuspecting paperboy who they claim is a stagecoach driver; lasso the family cat who is apparently a cow, all while avoiding their mom, the sheriff. After their adventures they play instruments and sing songs in the moonlight and then turn in for the night.

The story and illustrations are very fun and the two little protagonists are endearingly illustrated. The rhyming structure and intermittent use of words in Spanish add to the appeal of this story that would make a great read aloud at bedtime. A glossary at the end of the book offers translations.

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