Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Excellent Ed

Excellent Ed
By Stacy McAnulty
Knopf Books, 2016. Picture book.

Ed is a dog who lives a happy life with the Ellis family. But one day he begins to wonder why all of the Ellis children are allowed to eat at the table, ride in the van, sit on the couch, and use the indoor bathroom, and he is not. It must be because they are all excellent at things which Ed can’t do, like playing soccer and baking cupcakes. He decides he must find something different to be excellent at.

Ed tries to show that he is the best at breaking things, but then Elaine breaks the record for soccer goals. Just as Ed decides he is definitely the best at losing things, Elmer and Emily each lose a tooth. Is Ed excellent enough to be a part of the Ellis family?

This is a sweet story with gentle humor about a lovable dog and the loving family who thinks he is excellent just as he is.

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