Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Display: Books for Horse Lovers

Books for horse lovers of all ages.

Happy Go Lucky           
(Big Apple Barn #1)
By Kristin Earhart
Scholastic, 2006. Intermediate.  87 p.
Happy Go Lucky is a young pony.  He loves living with his mom at Shoemaker Stables, but when he’s sent to live at a riding school call Big Apple Barn, everything in his life changes.

Buttercup Mystery      
(Marguerite Henry’s Misty Inn #2)
By Kristan Earhart
Aladdin Book, 2015. Intermediate. 109 p.
Willa and Ben must find out who is poisoning the Starling’s new horse, Buttercup, before it is too late.

(Horse Diaries #4)
By Jane Kendall
Random House, 2010. Intermediate. 139 p.
Maestoso Petra, a Lipizzaner stallion, trains to perform in the Spanish Riding School but must go into hiding during the German occupation of Austria during WWII.

(Pony Cub Secrets #2)
By Stacy Gregg
HarperCollins, 2014. Fiction. 246p.
Issie and her friends have been picked to represent the Chevalier Point Pony Club at the Interclub Gold Shield, the biggest competition of the year. When their equipment is sabotaged and one of the riders is injured, Issie is determined to find out who’s to blame.

(Horses of the Dawn #1)
By Kathryn Lasky
Scholastic Press, 2014. Fiction. 216 p.
Estrella is a filly, one of a shipment bound for the new world.  When their ship is becalmed and the horses are dropped overboard to lighten the load, Estrella finds that it is up to her to lead the herd to land and safety.

(Backyard Horses #1)
By Dandi Mackall
Tyndale House, 2011. Fiction. 148 p.
Horse-crazy Ellie James constantly dreams about having a horse of her own. She finally seems to get her wish, but not with the gleaming black stallion she has been longing for.

(Horses of Half Moon Ranch #1)
By Jenny Oldfield
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2008. Fiction. 153 p.
Kristie Scott is leading a pony trek through Miner’s Ridge when a sudden landslide traps her in Dead Man’s Canyon with a herd of wild horses.

 By Marguerite Henry
Aladdin Books, 1991. Fiction. 222p.
A little burro blazes trails through the Grand Canyon and meets famous people in the process.

By Patricia Hubbell
Illustrated by Joe Mathieu
Marshall Cavendish, 2011. Picture Book
Rhyming verses describe how horses work, rest, and play.  Includes an illustrated list of horse breeds.

By Alison Lester
North-South Books, 2011. Picture Book
Nina is determined to save the horses at the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna during WWII.

By C.W. Anderson
Aladdin, 2000. Picture Book
A little boy who loves horses gets a special birthday present.

By Susan Jeffers
Hyperion Books, 2002. Picture Book
A young girl dreams of horses but is never able to own one.  Instead she paints pictures of horses and grows up to become an artist.

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