Monday, August 22, 2016

Bring Me a Rock!

Bring Me a Rock! 
By Daniel Miyares
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2016.

There is a grasshopper that wears a crown. And he calles to his subjects “Bring me a rock!” The other various bugs and insects carry rocks (many that are the same size as the bugs if not bigger) over to the grasshopper. One smallish bug brings a smallish rock—the poor bug can only carry so much. However, the grasshopper is not pleased. He dismisses the small bug (and the small rock) by saying “I need big rocks, not puny pebbles! Be gone, little bug!” The small bug walks off disheartened. The other bugs that are bringing rocks notice and are a little disgruntled, but they continue to bring the rocks to the grasshopper. Soon the grasshopper is sitting on his tall throne of rocks (think Yurtle the Turtle). Of course, even the contribution of the small pebble is needed in the end. This newest edition of Miyares books (he also wrote Float and Pardon Me!) is sure to get kids thinking—especially about questions of dealing with bossy people and how even the small bugs (or people) are important.

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