Monday, July 18, 2016

FABULOUS FINISH: Rules of the House

Rules of the House
By Mac Barnett
Illustrated by Matt Myers
Disney Hyperion, 2016.

Ian always follows rules. He does just what he is supposed to do. His sister Jenny does not like following rules. In fact, it seems like Jenny enjoys breaking the rules. One day their family goes on vacation to a house in the woods. A sign in the house list the rules for those who stay. Ian happily obeys all the rules. Jenny willfully rebels. And what happens to Jenny and Ian for their choices will change them and their relationship forever.

 This is a fun story where kids can explore the concept of just how important is it to obey EVERY rule. Even though there is a dad mentioned, he is only pictured once (and he is very small in the one picture he is in). This book is really about the brother/sister relationship and their personalities. And the way the house wants to make sure Jenny follows the rules. A fun read for those who enjoy imagining outlandish possibilities.

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