Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The Perfect Nest
By Catherine Friend
Candlewick, 2007. Picture book.

Jack, a hungry farm cat, comes up with the perfect plan to get his paws on the omelet he’s been craving: he creates a perfect nest in order to lure a chicken to come lay her eggs. His plan goes even better than expected when a Spanish chicken, a French duck, and an American goose all claim the perfect nest and lay their eggs. The only problem is that the squabbling fowl now refuse to leave the nest. Jack’s cries of “Fire!” “Flood!” and “Wolf!” are all in vain. Will poor Jack ever get his omelet? 

The different nationalities of the three birds, complete with accents, make for memorable characters and a fun read-aloud experience. The vivid, over-the-top illustrations are hilarious and the surprise ending is both funny and sweet.

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